Hotel Charlsfield, St Kilda, Melbourne

Lisa travelled to Melbourne with her toddler son Ishaq and had this to say about their hotel stay:

Ishaq was 13 months old when we travelled to Melbourne for a holiday and stayed in The Hotel Charsfield in St Kilda Road, Melbourne for 3 nights. Ishaq loved being away from home, he loved the experience and he enjoyed the new sights and smells.

Ishaq was included in the room rate which I thought was very reasonable, we weren’t charged extra for the portacot that the hotel provided.

There are many stairs throughout the hotel which made manoeuvring hard at times with a pram etc but the service made up for any lack in anything else.

The Hotel Charsfield isn’t essentially a family hotel but the staff went out of their way for us, arranging and setting up the portacot providing blankets for the cot (although the blankets were double bed sized and not cot sized and we had to fold them up a lot to make them fit his cot.) They even moved the furniture of the room around to accommodate our needs.

There are no kids options on their food menu so we were having to share our own meals with our son or pay for an extra adult sized portion which would be too large. They need a child’s menu for sure. The food was extremely good, although you did pay a lot for it.

The rooms are basically self contained but if we needed anything they were happy to oblige as best as they could to our wishes.

The hotel was quiet. It’s a small intimate hotel that does not have too many rooms. We enjoyed the peace of the hotel and never had anyone disturb us or our baby.

Although the hotel was not a child friendly hotel as such. It was exceptional and the service was wonderful. We felt welcome at all times and nothing we requested seemed too much for the staff. Overall we would definitely stay there again.

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