Elephant Safari Park Lodge

From time to time Travel With Tots stay in a hotel that we find to be exceptional in facilities and service and that leaves a lasting impression. We like to share these hotels with you as our special feature hotels!


The Ourstanding Elphant Safari Park Lodge is Travel with Tots’ featured hotel in August 2011

I feel incredibly privileged to have spent a night at the Elephant Safari Park Lodge at Taro in Bali.

The lodge is a 25 room hotel within the grounds of the Elephant Safari Park, the park is home to 29 Sumatran Elephants, one of the most endangered species on the planet and I am so grateful we were able to meet and interact with these beautiful creatures.

Guests of the lodge have access to several very special experiences including being collected from your room for dinner by an elephant and the opportunity to help give the elephants their bath or a swim with an elephant. Upon arrival at the park, lodge guests are given the ‘itinerary’ for their stay which details what time an elephant will collect them from their room and what time they are able to bathe an elephant.

 Our room was amazing, we stayed in a Park View room which has a balcony overlooking the park and the elephants as they graze and take visitors for rides, our little guy loved looking out at the elephants. Baby cots can be added to your room at no extra charge.

We ate at the restaurants in the park and food was good, (the prices were western prices) and there was a good variety for kids with the usual burgers, fish and chips etc. Breakfast was fantastic, consisting of a buffet of pastries, eggs, bacon, cereals and fruit.

Lodge guests are taken on a day safari and a night safari, we really weren’t sure how our son would cope with the elephant ride, he is not one for sitting still so we didn’t know if we would be able to hold him for the duration of the ride (around half an hour) we had decided to play it by ear and see how he went on the short ride from our hotel room to dinner and then decide if we would all go on the night safari or not. He had already fed the elephants and had a pat so he was somewhat familiar with them. We were so nervous on that first elephant ride, would he enjoy it or try and escape? I’m happy to report he LOVED the elephant ride; he actually cried when it was over and kept begging to go back on the ‘big car’ as he called them. We took our toddler on both the night safari and the day safari and he would have gone for another 10 rides if we let him. He enjoyed the elephant bathing although he did saturate everyone within a couple of metre radius. Our neighbours at the lodge had a one year old son who also really enjoyed the park and the elephant rides.

The lodge has a pool if your kids would like to cool down (or you would like them to burn off some energy) and feeding the elephants by hand is an experience they won’t soon forget. The elephant park is a must do while in Bali with your family, I hope we get back there someday soon to visit our favourites Nopi, Aroon and their handlers.


For further information and for bookings at the lodge please visit www.elephantsafariparklodge.com