Thai Airways

Rebecca flew from Perth to Thailand with her 18 month old son Hunter on Thai Airways we asked her how it went.

Hunter was 18 months old when we took the 6.5 hour flight to Thailand with Thai Airways.

Hunter was really good on the flight, we filled in the time with him having a few short naps. He had some food and watched some DVDs. We walked him up and down the aisle a few times, read some stories and played with toys.

On board, Thai Airways provided us with food for Hunter and we were given some toys. He was given an inflatable Thai airways plane.

The airline allowed us to take our pram (which arrived at the same time as the baggage and perfectly intact and undamaged). We were also allowed an extra carry on bag for Hunter on the plane.

We had to pay the infant fare for Hunter’s flight as you generally do for International travel but it didn’t include a seat for him so he was on our laps. (TWT – infant fare for a baby under 2 years of age sitting on your lap is generally about 10% of adult fare but does vary between airlines.)

We were very impressed with the seats we were given. On the way there we had a spare seat, and were at the front so there was heaps of leg room. Hunter used this room to sit on the floor and play. On the way back there was someone next to us, but he asked to move when you were allowed to (he obviously didn’t like the idea of sitting next to a child). It worked out well for us though as it meant we had a spare seat then.

Thai Airways were fantastic, overall they are a great airline. The staff are very friendly and the service was great.