Singapore Airlines

Jasmine Norrie has flown with Singapore Airlines both whilst pregnant and again with her toddler. She was kind enough to share her experience with us:

I’ve flown with a couple of different airlines over the years, but when it comes to international flights, there’s one airline I always unfailingly return to: Singapore Airlines.

Let’s face it: flying economy is never that comfortable. The lack of leg room, the battle for arm rest space, the awkwardness of sitting in the window seat and knowing you’ve got two people to climb over if you need to use the loo. It’s the same with all airlines.

Singapore Airlines bravely make up for it in other ways. The moment boarding is complete, passengers are greeted with hot towels to wipe hands and face – and hot towels are again passed around before landing, allowing you to fresh up a little. Packets filled with fluffy socks, sleeping masks and toothbrushes with tiny tubes of toothpaste are handed out. The entertainment options are exemplary, with everything from a range of television shows and the latest movies to video games and radio stations. You get a choice of tasty meals to choose from, and you’re fed regularly – snacks, main meals, desserts, drinks.

But what really cements my loyalty to Singapore Airlines is their treatment of parents flying with young children. Parents and children aren’t the easiest passengers at the best of times. Parents are up and down reaching for bottles and nappies, babies can cry incessantly and have the indecency to poop right there in front of everyone, and children aren’t always inclined to keep their voices down or their hands to themselves. Singapore Airlines rise to meet the challenge with grace and good humour.

Singapore Airlines have a practical policy of placing parents and young children together at the bulkhead, where you’re less likely to feel alienated and surrounded by unsympathetic passengers. They hand out small entertainment packets for children including stickers, pencils, and colouring/activity books, and they provide small stuffed toys too (I was provided with a toy for my unborn child when I was flying at seven months pregnant, which I found particularly thoughtful).

For those travelling with babies, they provide a baby pack that includes a bib, nappy, travel pack of baby wipes and a couple of other useful items for travelling with a child. Stewards and stewardesses encouraged us to ask for assistance should we need any. One went so far as volunteering to hold my fussy young toddler when I was eating my meal and making trips to the toilet.

A range of suitable meals are provided for young children at various stages of development, and they are quite happy to deliver the meal when it suits (this includes adult meals). I’ve had occasions on different airlines where I’ve asked if we could simply have a bottle of water and the stewardess agreed, only to entirely forget, but there was none of this with Singapore.

I wholeheartedly recommend travelling with Singapore Airlines if you’re travelling with babies, toddlers or children, and for bonus points, you won’t find many airports as well equipped for long stopovers as Changi Airport, Singapore.

Thanks so much for sharing your positive experiences travelling with Singapore Airlines, Jasmine. We look forward to hearing all about your future travel adventures - TWT

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