Ryan Air - The Budget Airline

Ryanair ARE a budget airline and the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies in their case.

Infants have no included baggage allowance (neither do the adults they are travelling with) but fortunately you are permitted to bring a collapsible stroller free of charge but it does need to be checked in so can’t be used at the airport.

The baby was not acknowledged by the cabin crew at all.

There is no allocated seating, so it’s a mad scramble by everyone to get on the plane and;

a.) hopefully be able to sit with their travelling companions

b.) find somewhere to stow their tonnes of carry on baggage because no one wants to pay to check their bags in.

Travellers with babies are not boarded first, you queue and board with everyone else. (I would recommend which ever parent isn’t carrying bub go ahead join the scrum and try to secure seats for all of you.) If you ask to board first you’ll be told you should have paid extra for that privilege. I overheard ground staff telling an older woman on crutches this. Now I understand that budget airlines make their money from the extras they charge but surely that is a little extreme.

At the end of the day, Ryanair will get you where you are going. Granted; you may be delayed by a few hours, flustered from wrestling for a seat, be 8 rows away from your handbag and not seen your husband and child for the entire flight but, you will get there

The negatives: No allocated seating. No early boarding with babies. No infant baggage allowance

The positives: They are cheap (before all the add ons).