A Qantas Review - Jekyll and Hyde

I flew from London to Melbourne via Singapore with Qantas at nearly 6 months pregnant. My good Qantas experience turned to not so good on leg 2 of the trip...

When boarding the first flight in London, I was welcomed very warmly by the cabin crew if I needed anything I just had to ask, nothing was too much trouble.

The flight was 14 hours, I felt tired and cramped but ok. I made it through the first flight, exhausted but very pleased to be over half way.

The Singapore Melbourne leg is the shorter of the two flights, so I was expecting it to be easier on me... it wasn’t!!!! 5 minutes into the flight I started sneezing and could not stop. I spent a lot of time in the toilets, washing my face hoping it would help but the sneezing just didn’t let up.

The seatbelt sign came on due to mild turbulence, and the cabin crew were actually yelling at passengers to sit down. I was really shocked by their behaviour.

Later, the cabin lights were off and everyone was sleeping ,I still couldn’t stop sneezing and I felt awful for disturbing people but couldn’t go anywhere while the seatbelt sign was on. The sneezing was causing belly cramps, my nose was bleeding and I was very very uncomfortable.

A male flight attendant came and quite angrily told me to "Stop sneezing and making SO much noise because people are trying to sleep."

In my distressed state I burst into tears and he walked off rolling his eyes. I was again really shocked at the behaviour of the cabin crew; here was an obviously pregnant woman clearly distressed and unwell and all he could do was snap at me.

I sneezed for nearly 8 hours straight with no break. My loyalty to Qantas didn’t make it off that flight with me!

Aside from the turbulence the flight was fine, the food was good and fresh fruit for snacks made a nice change from the norm, but I felt very let down and disappointed because of the cabin crew’s attitude and lack of compassion.

All in all 50% of my Qantas experience was good, the other 50% was amongst my worst experiences with airline customer service, after all, this is not a budget airline, this is Qantas, our national airline.... I expected better!!

My flying tips:

  • Luckily I took snacks on board, because I was hungry when the dinner cart was still hours away.
  • Walking in the aisles is trickier than normal with extra weight in front so be really careful.
  • I drank litres of water to stay hydrated and showered as soon as we landed and made it to our hotel which helped me feel much better, hydrated and refreshed.

Thanks Amy for sharing your experiences.