Pacific Blue

Amy flew to Bali with her partner and her 9 month old son Archie with Pacific Blue, we found out what she thought and if she’d fly Pacific Blue again.

Archie was 9 Months old when we took a six hour flight to Bali with Pacific Blue. Archie did really well on the flight, he got a bit restless by the end but it was much easier than I thought it was going to be, I just packed plenty of toys and little snacks to keep him occupied.

The Pacific Blue staff helped us a lot, we were first on and off the plane which made things much easier. We were given an extra seat (which we didn’t pay for.) We were really lucky to have that empty seat beside us and also a whole row across from us which we used as well. Our seating was right near the change room, toilet and their kitchen facilities which was very handy.

The flight attendants were really good with Archie; they understood we just had to stand up with him sometimes.

The cabin crew were there when ever we needed something for Archie or just to chat and play with him.

Pacific Blue didn’t give out anything for babies (i.e. nappies or toys) but we had already packed plenty for him.

We were able to take whatever baby equipment we needed. The airline were really lenient on luggage allowance and we were able to keep our pram with us at the airport right up until boarding at both ends. Our pram arrived with our luggage within 20 minutes maximum and it was undamaged.

My advice to other parents is; Pack plenty of books, toys and snacks. Pack changes of clothes to suit the temperature depending on the destination you are flying to and from. And fly at night if possible, we found it much easier; Archie slept the whole way home.

Overall Pacific Blue were fantastic to fly with, I would definitely fly with them again.