Korean Airlines

We recently travelled from Melbourne to London via Seoul, South Korea with Korean airlines. We got a great deal including one nights stop over accommodation on route to London so off we went; a mum a dad and an 8 month old hyper baby boy named Luka.

Now let’s face it, the flight from Australia to the UK or Europe is never ‘fun’ but I have to say with Korean Airlines it was very very bearable. Eight hours into the flight my husband and I were still looking at each other wondering when the really painful part of the trip was going to start. I don’t think we’ve ever had more conversations involving the phrase ‘so far so good.’ Luka didn’t seem too bothered by the experience and Korean Airlines were doing all they could to make our experience a positive one.

The first flight was full but we still received an amazing service and attention from the crew. The hostesses came to greet each set of parents and their babies and the bassinets were set up as soon as safe after takeoff.

On our flight from Seoul to London the hostess looking after us was named Koo and she was FANTASTIC, so warm and caring. She called Luka by name throughout the flight. She really made the trip easy for us; she served our meals one at a time so one of us could mind Luka, she cleared our trays as soon as we finished eating, if Luka grizzled she would appear and distract him. The level of service she provided was outstanding.

The meals were excellent, (Korean have won awards for their catering.) They provided good quality baby food including organic fruit juices. Luka was given an activity pack with a toy, stickers and colouring book.

On one of our flights even the pilot came to visit baby Luka and tell him how well he was behaving he even brought Luka’s dad and and I a drink!) The Koreans seem to really love kids and onboard is certainly no exception.

Ground staff were great too, we didnt have to wait around in queues, we were offered assistance to board, and prams were delivered to the aircraft within minutes and undamaged.

All of the staff we encountered were caring, considerate and friendly and we were not once made to feel like the baby was an inconvenience.

This was our first experience flying with Korean Airlines, it definitely will not be our last. They were amazing!!