Jetstar International

Kylie and 9 month old Maddi flew from Melbourne to Christchurch, New Zealand with Jetstar. We found out if Kylie would fly them again.

The flight to Christchurch was about two and a half hours long.

I wouldn’t fly internationally with Jetstar again, for domestic they are fine but not international. The things that put me off were things like; our flight was delayed 3 hours but there was no notice so I had woken up the baby to get to the airport and then get there to find out we aren’t going anywhere for a very long time. You have to check your stroller in and they give you one to use at the airport but it didn’t have recline so wasn’t much use for a tired baby on a long delay.

Our flight time ended up being shorter than the time we were delayed at Melbourne airport.

Jetstar don’t have bassinets available on their New Zealand flights, I did ask at the airport but was told they didnt have any.

The flight attendants on board were really friendly, they didn’t really offer any help with Maddi but they did bring her a cup of ice to suck on which was lovely but probably not very age appropriate.

Jetstar don’t have any baby supplies on board I asked because we had used all of our baby food for the flight during the delay, all they had to offer was an egg and lettuce sandwich and by the time they got down the back of the plane to us even those had sold out.

We were allowed to take 2 baby items with us for free i.e. either a pram, portacot, car seat etc. When we checked the pram in at Melbourne airport it was put in a big cage with all the other prams, on the way back it just went straight on the luggage conveyor and came off broken.

Maddi was really good on the flight, I fed her on take-off and landing and she slept most of the flight. On the return flight we walked her up and down the aisles and made friends with the other babies on board.

In future I would pay the extra and fly with a non-budget airline.