BMI - The Stroller Killers!

We took a number of short hop flights on BMI recently and I’m sorry to say not everything survived...

We were allowed a 10kg infant luggage allowance and a collapsible stroller which we were allowed to use up until the gate, but it was taken away 15 minutes prior to boarding.

The flights were uneventful and on the majority of flights we were treated the same as all other passengers whether they were travelling with babies or not (other than our being permitted to board first.)

On one of our flights a kind crew member moved us to a row of 3 empty seats so we could allow bubs to stretch out, but on the other flights the baby was barely acknowledged by the crew other than to give us an infant seatbelt for him and to make sure it was fitted as they checked the cabin for takeoff.

We were not able to check in online because we had an infant booked on our ticket.

During the volcanic ash crisis this meant a 45 minute wait to check in, no I dont mean a 45 minute queue to check in. I am talking about 45 minutes at the desk while they were typing...(on top of the 20 minutes queueing to get to the desk) Needless to say, we had a very frustrated baby by the end of check in.

In all cases we had reasonably long waits for the strollers to be delivered to the gates and unfortunately our stroller did not arrive in the same condition it was in before it met the baggage handlers. The whole frame now rocks from side to side and the front wheels no longer turn. Fortunately we only travel with a cheap enough stroller, I saw very expensive prams being delivered to the gate, fingers crossed they were in better condition than ours.

So our BMI experience wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t anything to write a postcard home about; they got us where we needed to go but that is all really....

The negatives:

Stroller dead on arrival

The positives:

You can get yourself a great deal

Included luggage allowance