Air Asia X

Karly and 15 month old Olivia flew from Perth to Thailand via Malaysia with Air Asia X, Karly fills us in on how it went.

The flight was 5 hours to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and then an hour to Phuket, the stopover in Kuala Lumpur was 8 hours. I think the stopover is what made the flight seem really long and hellish!

If anyone else has a long stopover, I’d recommend breaking the flight up with a night’s stay. We did check into a hotel at KL which gave us a chance to have a lie down and be away from the noise and busyness of the airport for a few hours. (Some airports have transit hotels so you don’t even have to go through customs or immigration.)

Air Asia X were fine; You get what you pay for in terms of service but we didn’t have any trouble with them. The plane was clean and seating was decent. They offer a variety of food that you could buy on board and prices were reasonable. The staff didn’t offer any assistance with Olivia and there was no real interaction with the baby apart from giving us an infant seat belt. We were able to take our pram with us right up to the plane door free of charge.

There didn’t seem to be any baby bassinets on board and Air Asia don’t put you in bulkhead seats just because you are travelling with a baby (they pre sell them online for an extra fee.) They don’t provide you with anything onboard for babies i.e. no baby food etc so make sure you bring enough of your own.

Olivia coped with the flights better than I expected, she had a couple of tantrums but that’s her personality; she likes to be on the go and even though she was very very tired she just wouldn’t give in to it.

Most people around us were very understanding and loved chatting to her and making her laugh. One lady was so kind, I got a little teary when Olivia had a massive over tired tantrum, head butted me and then screamed her head off and I was so worried about disturbing the other passengers. She told me not to waste my energy feeling guilty as that’s what babies do and not to worry about anyone else. She was so calming and reassuring.

We only had one man ask if we had any Phenergan to sedate her but my husband told him we don’t drug our child and turned around! (Even though it did cross my mind for the way back! Shhhh!)

My tips:

I’d recommend Air Asia passengers bring your own pillows, blankets and snacks.

If you need bulkhead seats book them online as soon as you can or at the time of reservation.

If you have a long stopover check if the airport has a transit hotel within the terminal or a hotel very close by you can check into for a few hours.