Airline Reviews

Here you can read airline reviews of what airlines were like to fly with babies and kids.

  • How did airline staff interact with the kids?
  • Were baby products supplied by the airline?
  • Did prams arrive undamaged?

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A Qantas Review - Jekyll and Hyde
I flew from London to Melbourne via Singapore with Qantas at nearly 6 months pregnant. My good Qantas experience turned to not so good on leg 2 of the trip...
Ryan Air - The Budget Airline
Ryanair ARE a budget airline and the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies in their case.
BMI - The Stroller Killers!
We took a number of short hop flights on BMI recently and I’m sorry to say not everything survived... We were allowed a 10kg infant luggage allowance and a collapsible stroller which we were allowed to use up until the gate, but it was taken away 15 minutes prior to boarding.
Korean Airlines
We recently travelled from Melbourne to London via Seoul, South Korea with Korean airlines. We got a great deal including one nights stop over accommodation on route to London so off we went; a mum a dad and an 8 month old hyper baby boy named Luka.
Singapore Airlines
Jasmine Norrie has flown with Singapore Airlines both whilst pregnant and again with her toddler. She was kind enough to share her experience with us:
Pacific Blue
Amy flew to Bali with her partner and her 9 month old son Archie with Pacific Blue, we found out what she thought and if she’d fly Pacific Blue again.
Jetstar International
Kylie and 9 month old Maddi flew from Melbourne to Christchurch, New Zealand with Jetstar. We found out if Kylie would fly them again.
Thai Airways
Rebecca flew from Perth to Thailand with her 18 month old son Hunter on Thai Airways we asked her how it went.
Air Asia X
Karly and 15 month old Olivia flew from Perth to Thailand via Malaysia with Air Asia X, Karly fills us in on how it went.