South Korea

South Korea

Country Facts

Food & Supplies

Baby Food Brands:
Gerber the popular American brand (owned by Nestle) is available
Similac, Enfamil & Maeil Dairy as well as a large range of soy and goats milk formulas
Huggies are available
Johnson and Johnson products are available
Where to shop:
Many convenience stores stock nappies also E-Mart, Carrefour, Lotte Mart and Costco


Airport Facilities:
  • Seoul Incheon Airport

    Incheon Airport has four ‘Babycare Lounges’ located in both the East and West wings of 1F and 3F. The lounges have a nursing rooms, nappy change areas, reclining chairs for feeding and filtered water. The Babycare lounges are accessible to parents and guardians.

    There are also nursing rooms only accessible to nursing mothers and pregnant woman. Nursing rooms are located at Gates 25 and 29 on the 3rd floor of the departure area.

    Children’s play areas

    There is a playground for kids located on the 3rd floor of the departure area near gates 10,15, 40 and 45. There is also a children’s playroom located at Concourse A,3F, Next to Gates 113 & 119

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