The Netherlands

The Netherlands

Country Facts

Food & Supplies

Baby Food Brands:
Friso, Nestle, Eco Baby, Olvarit and Nutricia
Friso Gold, HIPP, Nutrilon and NAN formulas are available
Pampers and Huggies widely available, Nature Babycare Eco nappies are also available
Where to shop:
Supermarkets such as Konmar, Super De Boer, C1000 and also chemists like Etos sell baby goods


Airport Facilities:
  • Amsterdam Airport

    Baby care lounge

    The Babycare Lounge’ has facilities to bath, feed and change babies as well as allow them to sleep in one of the provided cribs.

    The Babycare Lounge is located on Holland Boulevard between Lounges 2 and 3

    Children’s play area

    ‘The Kids' Forest’ is a play area for kids. The Kids forest; features treehouses, slides and a range of climbing and play equipment in forest-like surroundings.

    The Kids Forest is located after passport control on Holland Boulevard, between Piers E and F.

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