There is nothing like travelling through your own backyard with the kids. Going on that camping trip that your parents took you on, rolling out the swag and pitching the tent at some of the most incredible campsites around Australia.

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Country Facts

Australian Dollar
Official Tourism Site:
Phone Details:
+61, emergency 000
Time Zone:
AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) - Includes the states of VIC, TAS, ACT, NSW, QLD. The states of SA and NT are 1/2 hour behind and WA 2 hours. During Day light savings this changes by state.

Food & Supplies

Baby Food Brands:
Heinz, Raffertys Garden, Bellamy's Organic
Wyeth S26 and S26 Gold, Nestle NAN H.A 1 GOLD, SMA, Heinz Nurture and Nuture GOLD, Karicare Aptamil and GOLD. Bellamys Organic.
Huggies, Pampers, Babylove, Snugglers, Comfy Bots, Snookums, Mamia – Aldi, Nature Babycare – Eco nappies
Where to shop:
Coles, Woolworths, Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist, Big W, Baby Bunting, BigW, Kmart,


Airport Facilities:
  • Adelaide Airport

    Baby change facilities are located throughout the airport

    Children’s play area:
    Terminal 1 has an indoor playground located at Level 2 opposite Hudsons Coffee

    Airport Website

  • Brisbane Airport

    Baby Changing Rooms:
    Baby change rooms with nappy change facilities and microwaves can be found on all levels of both the International and Domestic Terminals.

    Airport Website

  • Darwin Airport

    Baby change rooms are located on the First Floor.

    Airport Website

  • Melbourne Airport

    Baby change facilities are available throughout the airport. For a map visit:

  • Perth Airport

    Baby change rooms:
    Baby care rooms are provided in each terminal with facilities for changing and feeding babies (with comfy furniture for parents while feeding)

    Children’s Play areas:
    There is an outdoor children's playground located outside terminal 1.

    Airport Website

  • Sydney Airport

    There are a number of Baby change rooms throughout the airport. Baby change rooms are equipped with baby change tables, an area for nursing, and microwave ovens.

    Children’s Play areas:
    Kid’s play areas are located between check-in counters A & B and at the end of check-in counter J before airport security in Terminal 1 and after security between Gates 31 & 33 in Pier B and between Gates 58 & 59 in pier C.

    Airport Website

Getting Around:

Australia is a BIG place and depending on where you want to visit will probably determine your mode of transport.

Travelling by air is probably the quickest way to travel large distances. Domestic airlines include, Qantas, Jetstar, Virgin Blue and Tiger Airways.

Perhaps hire a car, or a campervan for the more adveturous, there are some fabulous road touring routes which can be a great option too as it provides a lot of flexibliblity and comfort for the whole family. You will find major rental companies at airports, city centres or your hotel could arrange one for you.

Train travel could be great, fun option too. Kids love trains and you get to sit back and enjoy the wonderful landscape. Travelling options range from budget to luxury, and a range of rail passes can reduce your costs if you plan to see large sections of the country. You could spoil yourself with a rail adventure such as The Ghan which will take you between Adelaide and Darwin to experience the famous Red Centre and enjoy the tropic of the North. The Indian-Pacific travels between Sydney and Perth.

Every capital city is well equipped with a network of public transport options.

Catch the spirit of Tasmania from Melbourne to Tasmania or enjoy smaller ferries which connect suburbs in cities like Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.


Car Seat Regs:

All child restraints used in Australia must comply with current Australian standards - one of the main features of which is the use of a rear strap to an anchor point. Australian child restraint standards are some of the most stringent in the world and most overseas child restraints do not comply with these standards and cannot legally be used in Australia - this includes restraints from countries such as the UK and USA. It is advisable to hire a child restraint in Australia from the vehicle hire company rather than bringing your own from overseas.

Mandatory, national child restraint laws for children under 7 years travelling in motor vehicle. The type of child restraint depends on the age of the child, as follows:

Under 6 months: an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rearward facing child restraint.

Between 6 months and under 4 years: an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, rearward facing OR forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness.

Between 4 years and under 7 years: an approved, properly fastened and adjusted, forward facing child restraint with an in-built harness OR a properly positioned approved booster seat and a seatbelt that is properly fastened and adjusted. There are also new laws for where children can sit in vehicles:

If a vehicle has two or more rows of seats, then children under 4 years must not travel in the front seat. If a vehicle has two or more rows of seats, then children aged between 4 years and under 7 years must not travel in the front seat unless all other seats are being used by children under 7 years. In this situation, a child may travel in the front seat using an approved booster seat and a properly fastened and adjusted seatbelt.

Travelling in Taxis

By law, taxi drivers do not have to provide child restraints or booster seats. However, they must ensure there is at least one anchor fitting ready for passengers who wish to supply their own. If you can, take your child’s restraint with you.

 Children under 1 year do not have to use a child restraint, but they must travel in the back seat.

Children 1 year and over must be seated in their own seating position in a taxi, with their own properly fastened seatbelt if no suitable child restraint or booster seat is available in the taxi.

The rules for travelling in taxis with very young children do vary from state to state within Australia. It is advisable to check with taxi companies when booking and to order a child seat in advance. Customer service desks at airports (both within Australia and internationally) should be able to assist you with booking taxis with childseats if you are not able to pre-book a taxi prior to your arrival.