South America

A melting pot of cultures and a history as vibrant and colourful as the jungle that encompasses this magical continent. The contrasting landscape between the icy southern tips of Chile and Argentina, to the Amazon basin, the arid plains of Peru and Bolivia to the mystic island group of the Galapagos. Whatever you are looking for in a trip of a lifetime, South America will be it for you.

Although not famous for being easy to travel through at the best of times, travelling through South America with your tot in tow, certainly has its challenges. The language is different and in many places English is not spoken and unless you speak the local language a Spanish or Portugese phrase book is the only means to get by. The touristy points are of course easy enough to navigate however getting to and from them if you plan to do so alone will be interesting. Every Travel Agent worth thier soul will recommend doing a tour around South America and we couldn't agree more.

Peru and more specifically the Inca ruin's of Macchu Pichu are a sight that you need to apprecaite with your own eyes. No photo can do it justice and if you are the trekking kind then no wlak is more famous than the Inca Trek up there. In recent years the somewhat similar but less touristy Lares trek has started to really define itself as the alternative and for those who have done both almost preferred trek to Macchu Pichu. (The Lares Trek takes you to the base where you catch a bus or train to the top).

Travelling right to the south, Ushuia in Argentina is the gateway to Antartctica. The ships that set sail on what seems to be a daily basis of discovery teeming with scientists from evry corner of the planet. A sea of white lab coats covered in arctic gear preparing for the journey south. The glaciers here are unlike any you would have seen before, cliffs of frozen water crashing down into the ocean breaking up into splinter icebergs that would make any ships captain sigh nervously. Back up north through Argentina you discover Buenos Aires and further north up to the Iguassu Falls, the largest volume falls in the world. Th nosise here is deafening and tyhe view point from Brazil just as marvelous.

Brazil is best experienced on a tour. The safety issues simply warrant it. Rio is an amazing city, the beaches, the history but unfortunately the crime. We would not recommend a family holiday to Rio or Sao Paulo. thousands would, we simply couldn't take the risk. Heading north up to the entranceway to the Amazon, a must for any nature enthusiast. Make your way to Manus and start your Amazon adventure.


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