For many Australians a trip to Europe is a right of passage. Something we have all done at some point in our 20's. Probably working in a pub in London, followed by a Contiki tour arond as many countries as you can cram into 4 weeks, a trip to Galipoli on ANZAC day and far too many nights spent in a Walkabout pub in the UK. Either way travelling to Europe with your tot is likley to not be your first adventure.

Certainly it is different, but in many ways travelling to Europe as a parent is a completely different experience. It is no longer about the pub crawl but more about the culture, less about the Greek Island sailing trip but more about the history of culture and birth place of modern man. Fine food, culture, art, the classics and that unbelievable history that is totally unrivalled. All fantastic reason to make this journey with your tot.

Don't be put off by the length of time it can take to get there or the cost of the ticket (there are good sales every year - Early Birds in September/October) once you are there, the options are endless. Beach holidays in the South of France and Spain, Ski holidays in the Swiss Alps, Sailing in Croatia, cycling in Germany or interailing (Eurail) between it all.

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